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Words & Music by Bruce Green
You say I’m not your kind of guy, so I write this note to ask you why
Everytime I’m feeling right you tell me I’m no good
Pain, hurt, Loneliness, all because I’m misunderstood
So Misunderstood, So Misunderstood.

I tell you covers don’t always make the book, So maybe you should take a second look
Inside every single man there’s a heart and soul
Sayin’ people look at me I am just a man misunderstood
So Misunderstood, So Misunderstood.

So Misunderstood, So Misunderstood.

Communication is the key, If I listen to you, you listen to me
All I ask is that you try a little love and understanding
An once of which could mean so much to a man like me
Misunderstood, so misunderstood, so misunderstood, so misunderstood