Hand Made, Hand Played

Dale, Keith, and Joey are Detroit musicians that grew up as high school friends. Each has their own history in the music scene and through a series of get togethers and conversations have decided to start the SeeBastards a group focused on delivering handcrafted, well mixed, American music. With a sound that could only come from Detroit we have worked to create a better than live experience with our songs and mixes.

The why is we just wanted to play together, but once we did there was a cool spark that got us talking about recording, the industry, and how we wanted to go directly to our supporters instead of going through the normal channels of raising your hand and hoping someone notices.

Some songs tell stories and some are just fun, hopefully some will have you think and a few are just joyrides. Our promise to you is that we will always be true to the creative process and how we  bring the ideas to life.

The site is evolving along with our group, we will have guest artist from time to time and are planing on about a song a month. Keep coming back to the site to check out our new music, or to sign up to your mailing list so we can let you know who's playing with us and what's coming next..